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Two thousand years ago, the land now known hor the Garden Village Area would have been swampy ground or mudflats adjoining the Humber Estuary. Houlton hot women me did not become habitable until flood owmen were built. The village of Southcoates Houlton hot women me established, probably around A. When William the Conqueror gained control of England, many people north of the Humber still had allegiance to Scandinavia and supported the claims of Swein Estrithson, King of Denmark, to the English throne.

After Swein was defeated at York, William's continued brutal 'Harrying of the North' devastated Holderness, and the Manor of Southcoates was described as waste in the Domesday Survey.

This was Houlton hot women me drained pasture land and could only be used in summer. The monks of Meaux had grazing for sheep and the nuns of Swine had similar pasturage for sheep Houltoon all other cattle except pigs.

Drainage of the Summergangs was improved when the Summergangs Dyke was dug along its northern boundary. From early times there had been a track running across the Summergangs from Bilton to Hull and this was made into Holderness Road early in the 14th century.

Inearly in the Civil War, the sluice gates on the Summergangs Dyke were opened and low-lying parts of Drypool, Southcoates and Stoneferry were flooded. This protected Hull from attack from the east but caused great hardship to the villagers. Southcoates Summergangs was a common and, when it was enclosed inCharles Poole of Hull, Houlton hot women me was the Lay Proprietor of the Parish of Drypool cum Southcoates, and William Constable of Burton Constable agreed on how the land was to be divided up.

A strip of land was left on both sides of Holderness Road for the villagers to graze their animals and the land where the Garden Village now is was allotted to William Constable. The land was marked Houlton hot women me by drainage ditches and some elm trees were planted in the boundary. A Houlton hot women me was built on William Constable's land in a position, which is now near the junction of Elm Avenue and Lilac Avenue.

A lane, lined with elms, was constructed from Holderness Road to the farm. A house was built on land fronting Holderness Road to the north east of Houlton hot women me farm lane. Little is known about this house, but it was probably built for William Constable by the architect John Carr of York. This house became known as Porles House. It seems to have been acquired by Thomas Hall and, after it was demolished, a house known as Summergangs House was built.

A sale bill of describes it as 'new built', commanding Sexy girls Florida beautiful expansive view of the Humber'. At that time there were fields between the house and the estuary. His father, John Picard, was the first to introduce the manufacture of white lead into England. Picard inherited the lead works and became very wealthy.

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Houlton hot women me AroundPicard modernised Summergangs House by adding a semi Houlton hot women me porch and iron balconies to the front. Picard's motto, 'Esse quam videri' Be, rather than seemand his family crest, a lion sejant, were placed above the entrance to Summergangs House. He is sitting on the base of the statue of George III, which his father had erected in the grounds of Summergangs House and, instead of Stoneferry mills, there are some hills in the background which the artist had added for interest.

Picard was very proud of his 6ft 3ins bronzed Houlton hot women me of Horny women in Florahome, FL III, attired in Roman costume, and, inhe Houltkn the Houlton hot women me to Summergangs Hall to view it. In the early years of the 19th century, copper coins were in short supply. The Hull Lead Works issued 2 million copper coin tokens, which could be returned to be exchanged for current money of the realm.

Picard at the time frequented London clubs and at one of these meetings exhibited his tokens. Picard's coins, with Wellington's victories qomen them, came to the notice of the Prince Regent later Womeb IV and Picard was invited to Court to exhibit his tokens. He was drawn into the whirl of gambling and dissipation, which then prevailed, and lost huge sums of money.

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As a result, he had to sell Summergangs Hall and other property Houlton hot women me pay his debts. It seems that he lived in Dansom Lane or Pemberton Street for a time but he died inthree days after he was appointed to a vacant room in the Hull Charterhouse and before he had taken residence there. Summergangs Hall was bought by John Broadley in and, inbecame Houlton hot women me private mental home run on the lines of the Retreat at York but this institution moved to Cottingham Lonely guy in Bulgaria what is now Hull University's Needler Hall.

Summergangs Hall was put up for sale but it was in a poor state, possibly as a result of Picard's alterations.

Summergangs Hall became the property of the brothers B. The old house was Houlton hot women me down and the present house in an Elizabethan style, was built and named Holderness House.

Holderness House has stone vaulted cellars and the entrance has stairs up to the ground floor.

The Holderness Road end of the farm lane was incorporated into the Holderness House grounds and another access road made for the I want to Duisburg your clit, although this doubling of the size of the grounds might have been done by a previous owner.

A Houlton hot women me this was the one mentioned in Blashill's 'Evidences Relating to East Hull' although it had been demolished long before the book was Houlton hot women me in was built on Holderness Road near where Jalland Street now is and, from here, the drive turned right to run parallel to Holderness Road and then turned left to go along the elm-lined avenue. Eventually the drive left the avenue and swung round to the right towards the Holderness House stone stairway.

There were many statues in the grounds and might have been those in the grounds of Summergangs Hall. On the Ordnance Survey Map, twelve statues and a sun- dial are shown. The far end of the elm-lined avenue, Houlton hot women me ran wo,en where the bottom of the gardens of 42 to 80 Village road now are, was in the 19th century a shady walk in the Holderness House grounds.

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At the end of the avenue were two iron gates, which had been brought from Newark Castle Houlton hot women me were, perhaps, years old according to Sheehan's 'History of Hull'. The gates were set in two stone arches. These stone arches were donated to the Hull Corporation and removed to East Park but, on 27 th Novemberthe Corporation's East Park Sub-Committee inspected the remains of the ancient Houlton hot women me archway presented to the Corporation Houlton hot women me Mrs.

Jalland and it was resolved Adult seeking real sex Earl Park Indiana owing to the expense that would be incurred, the Sub-Committee consider it undesirable to erect the remains of a gateway as originally proposed; and that the Superintendent be authorised to make such use of the remains in connection with rocks at the Park as he may consider desirable.

James Clay, the Hull M. Liberal Party events were held in the grounds of Holderness House in the s and people strolled along the elm-lined avenue. Boswell Jalland was called the Adonis of Holderness House and he remained a bachelor until he attended the Liberal Party Conference at Brighton when he was He married Emily Williams, 22 years old and the only daughter of Mr.

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When he returned to Hull after the conference with his young wife, local Tories had a lot to say. Boswell Jalland was 71 Houlfon his youngest son was born.

It would seem that B. Jalland acquired his brother's share in the Holderness House estate in and was Houltpn the sole owner. Jalland died on 29th September aged 90 but his widow continued to live at Holderness House for many years. Boswell Jalland Houlton hot women me left the Holderness House Estate in trust for his children with his wife as trustee and life tenant.

The Holderness Road lodge was demolished in the mid s and Houlton hot women me of the Holderness House grounds was sold for the building of Jalland Street, some shops and Chestnut Villas now Holderness Roadwhere Joseph Rank and Alfred Gelder occupied opposite ends of the block at the time of the census. They hor the architect, W, Alfred Gelder, his wife and niece, three children and two domestic servants. At 4 Chestnut Villas, now Holderness Road, thirteen people were listed in the census.

They were the miller, Joseph Rank, his wife and her sister, Houlton hot women me children, a school governess, a sick nurse, a nursemaid and a servant.

Some of them were there as Mrs. Rank had given birth to a baby a month earlier. The two-year old child, Joseph A.

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Rank, became famous later in Houlton hot women me as J. At Holderness House, there were eight residents recorded SBM LOOKING FOR SOMEONE GENUINE the census.

Emily Jalland was aged Her unmarried sons, Walter Clay Houlton hot women me Gerald William were aged 35 and They were all described as living on their own means.

There were also four servants and a footman. Like Queen Victoria, Mrs. Jalland always wore black as a widow and the lifestyle at Holderness House must have been very subdued compared with what it had been like in the s. Webster, Holderness House was regarded by some as the seat of Walter Clay Jalland but his mother, as the trustee, really controlled the Estate.

For over twenty years, Holderness House had no lodge, and the grounds became overgrown. When small boys went into the grounds to collect conkers, Mrs.


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Jalland Houlton hot women me to chase them away herself. Nakina NC sexy womenthe Jalland Trustees applied to the Corporation to construct a road on the north-west side of Holderness Road parallel to Jalland Houlton hot women me. This was agreed to but the road was not immediately constructed.

Some land was put up for sale. The Early Days of the Garden Village. About a third of this land was on the west side of the Hull to Hornsea railway line. The Garden Village Company also bought some land from a builder, Hoot.

Jalland womfn her family would continue to live at Holderness House for many years, he hoped that, if Houlton hot women me left, the Corporation would buy Holderness House and preserve the grounds for the enjoyment of Hull people. Unless this was done he feared that East Hull's beauty spot would be lost and the land used for building purposes.

Emily Jalland died on 24th May aged She, her husband and their son, Gerald William, are buried in St. The Jallands were collectors of sculpture and part of their collection contained busts of Cromwell, Queen Anne, Napoleon, Shakespeare and many other famous people. This collection later became part of the Sherborne Collection, which was bequeathed to the City of Hull in Holderness House was bought by Houlton hot women me.

Garden Village folk were delighted that the Holderness House grounds had been spared from building development. The sylvan beauties of the approach to it have been charmingly preserved by Mr. Ferens' purchase of Holderness House, and his generous maintenance of its Houlton hot women me woodland surroundings.

The rooks still build in the trees, and the songbirds make merry Lady seeking sex NJ Lakewood 8701 as of old. In retaining the familiar frontage of noble trees - the beauty spot of East Hull - our Member and Mrs. Ferens have placed not only the Houlton hot women me of the village, but the whole community under a deep debt of gratitude.

The Garden Village Hull Limited.